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Business For Sale

Dear reader, 

We’re moving on to complete other projects and would like to leave in the hands of someone willing to maintain, build and grow Lamplanet to where it deserves to be.

If you are a passionate anime lover ready to step it up and go into the business of your dreams, or you’re an entrepreneur looking for the next business opportunity where you can make a positive market impact, this is your chance.

We’re transferring Lamplanet for a symbolic fee (very affordable).

Included in the business acquisition, you get:

– 150+ best-selling lamps in stock (which sell up to $89.95 = $13,492 instant revenue jumpstart potential). 
– Custom developed website theme (high converting and customisable).
– 13,343 customers in email list.
– 380,845 fans across 31 FB pages.
– 1,122 members in a niche FB group.
– 19,543 followers among 3 IG accounts.
– 6,568 followers on Pinterest.
– 7,389 followers on Twitter.
– Access to the trained team and the whole business system.
– Access to Lamplanet’s supplier agreements to continue doing business as usual.
–  My support, help and coaching to help you take over, scale and grow Lamplanet all the way.

If you’re interested, please email me at [email protected]

CEO & Founder
Demian C.

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