The Vision

#LamplanetiansUNITE | We are #MoreThanLamps 

Yeah we’re geeky.

Or you could also call it unconventional, exceptional, outstanding, uncommon, unusual, weird, rare, remarkable, special, unimaginable, unprecendented. 😀

Because what is life if not lived on your own terms?

We always say “Life’s too short to be ordinary” for a reason.

Life’s too short to be boring, life’s too short to just make it by being typical.

That’s why we strive to break the status quo day by day, we live to our full potential and design lamps that are everything but conventional. 

#MoreThanLamps as our hashtag says, because…

Life is too short to be like everybody else…there are way too many of the many, so, be yourself, express yourself and define yourself daily.

We want to make lamps that don’t just fulfil a practical purpose. That’s too ordinary. We want to create lamps that become a piece of who you are because they are made of a passion that truly makes you who you are.

And we LOVE who you are.

Our mission is connect you closer to what makes you…really YOU. The Extraordinary You.

We believe our mission is to create together with you, to build dreams, and to build both passions and memories into lamps.

Creative, amazing and inspiring lamps that you can be proud of and enjoy in your most favorite “home spaces”.

Lamps you have super strong affinity with!

Lamps you can look at and say “Dang, this lamp is badass!” or “Wow! What a true message” or even simply “I am in freaking love with MY lamp”.

Cause normal lamps just fulfil a practical purpose, a LAMPLANET instead…

  1. lights up your eyes
  2. illuminates your rooms and…
  3. defines you all at the same time.

Life is too short to buy boring traditional lamps. Let your lamp be from Lamplanet.

We build lamps that don’t just fulfil a practical purpose (which they also do and very well). We craft lamps that speak passion, speak character and personality.

Extraordinary Lamps for Extraordinary People.

Inspire your day and room with a dose of you. A piece of art that’s made of the passion that makes part of who you are.

Thanks for your amazing support. Without you we’d be nothing.

“Luminous Energy” to you,
The Lamplanet Team
[email protected]

P.S: If you have any idea or suggestion, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us by CLICKING HERE. We would love to build your idea into an awesome Lamplanet.

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