Our Mission


Our mission is to connect you closer to what makes you… really YOU. The extraordinary you.

We build lamps that don’t just fulfil a practical purpose (which they also do and very well), but we craft lamps that speak passion, speak character and personality.

Extraordinary Lamps for Extraordinary People.

We want to do that together with you. Building your most powerful passions, dreams and favorite memories into our lamps.

We want to make lamps that don’t just fulfil a practical purpose. That’s too ordinary.

We want inspire you with a daily dose of you. A piece of art that’s made of the passion that truly makes you who you are.

So…Let your lamp be from Lamplanet and “Embrace your extraordinary”.

Be proud of who you are.

If we can help you understand that you’re extraordinary in every way and embrace that belief, then we’ve accomplished our mission.

To your luminous satisfaction,
The Lamplanet Team

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